Quetico Provincial Park

ON-11, Atikokan, ON P0T 1C0, Canada

Quetico Provincial Park is a wilderness park located in Sunset Country, Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The park covers an area of over 4,700 square kilometers and is home to over 2,000 lakes and streams, as well as forests, rivers, and wetlands. Quetico Provincial Park is known for its pristine wilderness, remote backcountry camping, and world-class canoeing.

The park's landscape is dominated by rugged terrain, including rocky ridges, deep forests, and crystal-clear lakes. The park's lakes are home to a variety of fish, including walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and smallmouth bass, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

One of the main attractions of Quetico Provincial Park is its backcountry camping. The park has over 2,000 backcountry campsites that are accessible only by canoe, with many of the campsites offering stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. The park's remote location and lack of roads make it an ideal destination for those looking to get away from civilization and experience the wilderness.

Canoeing is another popular activity in Quetico Provincial Park, with many visitors exploring the park's lakes and rivers by canoe. The park has over 1,500 kilometers of canoe routes, ranging from easy day trips to multi-day wilderness expeditions. Canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park offers visitors the chance to experience the park's rugged wilderness up close, and provides unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

Hiking is another popular activity in Quetico Provincial Park, with the park offering over 50 kilometers of hiking trails. The park's hiking trails wind through the forest and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The trails range in difficulty from easy day hikes to challenging multi-day treks.

In addition to backcountry camping, canoeing, and hiking, Quetico Provincial Park offers a variety of other outdoor activities, including fishing, swimming, and wildlife viewing. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, black bears, wolves, and bald eagles, and visitors can often spot these animals while exploring the park's wilderness.

Visitors can learn about the history and culture of the region at several museums and heritage sites located in and around the park.

Mapview of Quetico Provincial Park

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