Fort Frances Museum

259 Scott St, Fort Frances, ON P9A 1G8, Canada

The Fort Frances Museum, located in Sunset Country, Ontario, is a museum dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Fort Frances and the surrounding area. The museum is housed in the town's historic old courthouse, which was built in 1909 and served as a courthouse until 1979. The courthouse was then converted into a museum in 1983 and has since become a popular attraction for visitors to the area.

The museum's collection includes a wide variety of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the history and culture of Fort Frances and the surrounding area. Exhibits cover a range of topics, from the region's Indigenous peoples to its fur trading and logging industries. Visitors can also learn about the area's agriculture, mining, and transportation industries, as well as its military history and the impact of World War II on the town.

One of the museum's most popular exhibits is its collection of artifacts related to the town's most famous resident, wrestler and actor "Whipper" Billy Watson. Watson was born in Fort Frances in 1915 and went on to become a professional wrestler, winning numerous titles during his career. He also had a successful acting career, appearing in several films and television shows. The museum's collection includes memorabilia from Watson's career, including wrestling belts, photos, and personal items. The museum also has a number of interactive exhibits that allow visitors to get hands-on with history.

Another highlight of the museum's collection is its exhibit on the area's Indigenous peoples. The exhibit includes artifacts and displays that showcase the history and culture of the region's Anishinaabe people, including their traditional way of life, language, and spiritual beliefs. Visitors can also learn about the impact of European colonization on Indigenous communities in the area and the ongoing efforts to preserve and promote Indigenous culture and traditions.

The museum is open year-round and offers a range of programs and events for visitors of all ages. These include guided tours, educational programs for schools, and special events such as the annual Heritage Day celebration, which features live music, food, and historical reenactments.

Mapview of Fort Frances Museum

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