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Nova Scotia: Harbour to the World
Fast Facts
  • Population: 921,727 (2011)
  • Size: 55,283 sq. km. (21,345 sq. mil.)
  • Capital City: Halifax
  • Time Zone(s): Atlantic DST
  • Minimum Age for Unrestricted Driver’s License: 18 years, 3 months
  • Minimum Age for Gambling: 19
  • Alcohol Consumption: Legal age is 19
  • Highest Point: 532 m/1,745 ft., North Barren Mountain, Cape Breton Island
  • Lowest Point: Sea level, Atlantic Ocean

Nova Scotia lies on the east coast and is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, part of Nova Scotia is actually an island called Cape Breton. Most of the province is covered with forests and lakes, while the larger towns are situated mainly along the seacoast.

The name “Nova Scotia” is Latin and it means “New Scotland.” It was given this name by the Scottish settlers that arrived in 1749. This province has built on its rich history and has created a distinct maritime culture that combines beautiful sea shores, scenic lands, Celtic music and friendly people.

Many visitors come to see the city of Halifax where past meets present. Walking through the tree-lined streets, visitors pass 18th and 19th century architecture alongside modern towers of glass and steel. Away from the international restaurants, galleries, libraries and museums some visitors find refuge along the historic waterfront harbour that entertains ship traffic from every corner of the globe.

Others wish to enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world. Named for famous explorer John Cabot, the Cabot Trail is Canada’s "Great Ocean Highway." It winds around Cape Breton's northern shore, and ascends to the plateau of Cape Breton Highlands National Park providing a breath taking view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park itself is home to one of Canada's most beautiful wilderness areas. The highlands are a mix of woodland and tundra, where wildlife is common and moose are often seen grazing in the lakes and streams.

Nova Scotia is one of the friendliest places on earth. Whether you’re interested in shopping, want to visit heritage houses & museums, or interested in the the best seafood, or an outdoorsman searching for new new adventures, Nova Scotia has something special for you.

Nova Scotia vacations highlight the beauty and diversity of maritime culture. No matter what kind of adventures you seek, this truly Canadian province is up to the challenge.

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