Folklorama Festival

2nd Floor - 183 Kennedy Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Folklorama is a multicultural event that runs for two weeks each August in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is the world's largest and longest-running multicultural festival.

Folklorama began in 1970 as a one time multicultural event to celebrate Manitoba's Centennial. It was so successful it has returned every year since

Today, the fesitval typically draws about 425,000 pavilion visits plus 15,000 visitors to Folklorama Kick-off held the day before pavilions open. Folklorama provides exposure to cultural groups and brings in thousands of tourists each year, adding to the city's economy.

Three programs have grown out of the festival's success -

Folklorama Talent brings multicultural and contemporary performers to special events and conventions throughout the year.

Folklorama Teachings bring story tellers and performers into schools and daycares.

Folklorama Travel works to bring both tours and individuals not only to the festival, but to the city of Winnipeg year round

Each participating country has an assigned venue, known as a pavilion. Typically there are 40 to 45 pavilions presented throughout the city, with half operating in week one and half in week two of the festival.

Some pavilions also incorporate additional services such as henna tattoo application, and some have late night parties. Most pavilions provide imported alcohol from their feature country.

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