Getaways in Quebec

Here's a partial listing of the top Getaways in Quebec

Culinary and Jazzy Delights in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is the best place to celebrate wonderfully delicious smoked meat, poutine, foie gras, venison and maple-syrup-spiked foods in Canada. From $5 plates of fatty-grade smoked meat in its local shops to its $200 (per person!) fine dining tasting menus with a whole hung of foie gras - cheap eats and foodies come together in harmony in Montreal.

As a place that is so passionate about food, it is just as passionate about music. The Montreal International Jazz Festival or Jazz Fest, is the largest festival in the world. The 10-day festival usually takes place at the end of June or beginning of July and attracts over 2 million people. Small clubs to huge venues are packed with jazz aficionados enjoying the beautiful Montreal scene in the summertime. Absolutely delightful.

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Winter Wonderland at l'Hotel de Glace (the Ice Hotel) in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec

The Ice Hotel or L'Hotel de Glace is built anew every year, carved completely from ice: from its structure to its columns, beds, chandeliers, the bar, lobby, chapel for weddings, seating areas, and more. It is definitely a truly unique and Canadian experience, found only in Quebec. Just 30 minutes from Quebec City, the hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway or to bring the kids on a completely unique experience. Open from January to the end of March every year, the hotel is recreated each year. The indoor temperature varies from -3°C to -5°C and arctic sleeping bags on bedspring and mattresses on solid ice blocks are provided for guests.

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