44 Sparks St, Ottawa, Ontario.

Lady Dive Tours - Discover Canada's Capital Region.

Lady Dive started their Ottawa-Gatineau city tours in 1999 with it's very popular and unique Amphibus vehicle. An Amphi-bus is a vehicle that can travel on both land and water. These unique tours offer a blend of land and water experiences, taking visitors on a journey through the city's major landmarks and attractions.

In 2002 purchased Oak Road and their Double Decker buses. In 2009 they purchased Bytown Trolley and Canuck walking tours. They visit common sites such as museums, parks, galleries and the Byward Market. It is a great way to see Ottawa for the first time as there are so many waterways throughout the city that give visitors an entirely new perspective.

Lady Dive Tours is the one stop destination in Ottawa for all kind of tours.

Note: No food or drinks allowed on the bus so be sure to have your snack before you board.

Mapview of Lady Dive Tours, Ottawa

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