Celebration of Light (July/August)

VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St., Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Each year in late July the skies above Vancouver are filled with the flashing and explosions of fireworks. For many this is Vancouver’s premier summer event.

Three teams from around the world compete in a show of sound, colour and light in synch with music. English Bay makes the perfect ampitheatre for the event as there are plenty of viewing points. Stanley Beach and Sunset Beach are close but the best atmosphere and viewing can be found at Kitsilano Beach.

The Festival of Lights creates a magical wonderland across Vancouver's expansive VanDusen Botanical Garden. Countless twinkling lights illuminate the Gingerbread Wood, Floating Bridge, Magic…

Every December, Vancouver celebrates the holidays with fabulous light shows. Like Stanley Park's Bright Nights, VanDusen Botanical Garden's Festival of Lights is a don't-miss holiday event that's fun for everyone, especially kids.

At the Festival of Lights, VanDusen transforms itself from a serene botanical oasis into a winter wonderland. Millions of colourful lights are strewn around flower beds, trees, shrubs and decorations, combining to create an awesome spectacle.

Visitors to the Festival of Light can stroll through brightly-lit pathways--including the Gingerbread Walk and Candy Cane Lane--watch the Dancing Lights show (lights around Livingstone Lake "dance" to holiday music), enjoy hot chocolate and other snacks.

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