Honeymoon Gondola

53 PORT SEVERN ROAD NORTH,Port Severn, Ontario, Canada.

Romantic weekend getaway At Driftwood Cove Marine Resort in Port Severn Muskoka where you can find Honeymoon Gondola their is a fine dining restaurant and nearby some of Ontario's finest inns cottages and bed and breakfasts . You can enjoy fishing boating golf camping or relax and enjoy the sunset

Honeymoon Gondola in Port Severn: Enjoy a romantic weekend getaway boat cruise, nearby professionals golf resort and spa. Our wedding sandolo buranello is hand carved and imported from Venice Italy. It is the only wedding sandolo buranello ever to have left Italy. They are very rare and only one operates in Venice today. These boats our over thirty feet long and our rowed Volga or Venetian style as they have been for centuries. Most tourists on vacation in Venezia mistake them for a gondola and are lead to believe they are gondolas. There are about four hundred and thirty three gondolas and twenty sandolos operate commercially in Venice today. Their use to be many more gondolas and sandolos operate commercially in Venice. I was told the gondola is for the tourist and the sandolo is for the lovers. Our wedding sandolo buranello can hold up to four passengers and the Gondolier, six passengers if you want to bring a wedding officiate.

The Honeymoon Gondola operates year-round, with different packages and options available depending on the season. During the winter months, the gondola is heated and equipped with cozy blankets to keep couples warm and comfortable during their ride. In the summer months, the gondola is open-air, allowing couples to enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine.

In addition to the private gondola ride, the Honeymoon Gondola also offers other romantic experiences and packages, including private dining and spa packages. Couples can enjoy a private dinner for two, complete with candlelight, a gourmet meal, and wine. They can also indulge in a relaxing spa treatment, such as a couples massage or a hot stone treatment.

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