Vancouver Aquarium

845 Avison Way, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6G 3E2

The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada's largest aquarium and one of the most visited sites in Stanley Park. It is home to more than 70,000 creatures including dolphins, sea otters, anacondas, three-toed sloths, eels and more.

The facility spans over 100,000 square feet and houses a vast array of exhibits, interactive displays, and live animal habitats. Upon entering the aquarium, visitors are greeted by an impressive central courtyard, featuring outdoor pools and sculptures, setting the stage for exploration and discovery.

One of the highlights of the Vancouver Aquarium is its collection of marine life, which includes over 50,000 animals representing more than 800 species. Visitors can learn more about the region's marine life through the numerous exhibits. Adults and kids alike will love the entertaining and educational "encounters" program, which allows visitors to go behind the scenes and get up close and personal with the animals and the people who train them. This includes feeding, helping train and learning about the habitats and lifestyles of dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, sea otters, sea turtles and other sea creatures.

One of the most popular attractions at the Vancouver Aquarium is the Beluga Whale Exhibit, home to several beluga whales. These majestic marine mammals captivate audiences with their grace and intelligence, offering visitors a rare opportunity to observe them up close while learning about their biology and conservation.

Treetops Adventure takes guests 100 feet into the mid-story of a thriving coastal rainforest. The new Cliffwalk follows a granite precipice along Capilano River through lush rainforest vegetation. Seasonal events like Raptors Ridge birds of prey June to October and Canyon Lights in December enhance the many experiences at this year-round destination.

Mapview of Vancouver Aquarium

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